Basketball Game not updating on Amazon

8 Feb

The basketball shooting game on Amazon has run into some problems, apparently the new version is forcing close on launch.

The app runs fine on Google Play but fails on Amazon, and since the app store is not available here, I cannot reproduce the problem.

I wish someone with a Kindle Fire device would tell me what’s going on!

Bug Description: The app is unstable
Steps to Reproduce:

1. Launch the app
2. The app force closes on launch

OS/Device(s)/Form Factor:
7.1.5_eng_1534700/Kindle fire HD/Phone + Tablet
6.3.1_eng_410700/Kindle fire first generation/Phone + Tablet
10.1.1_eng_1125100/Kindle fire/Phone + Tablet
8.1.1_eng_1107300/Fire HD 8.9 Wifi /Phone + Tablet
8.1.1_eng_1107300/Fire HD 8.9 WAN/Phone + Tablet

Please correct the issue(s) we found with your app submission.

How I Solved the apk Closing Problem

I removed some animation on the main/loading page. I then included all mobile architectures when creating the apk (86, mips etc). I then uploaded the .apk to Amazon and it was accepted.


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