Bafoo Shooter Kicks Game

Bafoo is a ball game that combines basketball and football. You score by shooting ball into the net, and also by kicking any reflected balls into goals.

play the  new epic level

Today I added an epic level for players who like playing fast non-stop games.

Bafoo Shooter Kicks has been updated! We all have different playing styles; now you can select the type of ball you want to play with.

Available on the Google Play™ Android™ Marketplace

I have fixed some bugs and other issues in the current version of the game.

The game has many levels, the difficulty increasing as you move up. Depending on the situation, you will sometimes choose to throw the ball away from the basket so you can kick the resulting back ball into a goal.

Bafoo Shooter Kicks available free Amazon store

In upper levels, clever movement of player left or right before kicking the ball will be crucial to avoid ball bouncing off the player’s chest.

If you like playing basketball games on your mobile or tablet, Bafoo is for you. Ditto if you like football, because Bafoo is a football+basketball game. And its free!

Bafoo free combined android football and basketball game.

Play Bafoo on Windows Phone

Bafoo is now available for free download on the Windows Phone Store.

Download Bafoo on Windows Phone 8 Store

If you have any comments, recommendations or have encountered some bugs, please report here.


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