Some Sexual Assault Allegations are False

When sexual assault is reported, and there is no forensic evidence, and no witnesses, it is important to consider the rights of the victim and also of the alleged perpetrator.

Although it is unlikely for a person to falsely claim he/she was sexually assaulted by Person X, it still does happen – innocent people have been falsely accused of sexual assault in the past.

How do I know this? Because it once happened to me. Yes, I once was accused – falsely – of committing sexual assault.

The complainant – I will call her Miss X – gave a very coherent statement about how I allegedly lured her to my house and proceeded to sexually assault her.

I only escaped punishment because I had a rock-solid alibi.

I was attending an official function, hundreds of kilometres away when the alleged assault occurred. There were more than 100 people who could confirm that I was with them when I was supposed to have been committing the assault.

None of my friends knew that I was attending a week-long official function when the assault was supposed to have occurred.

Everybody who heard about Miss X’s description of the alleged assault believed her. Even my best friend believed her.

I had never been accused of doing something like that before, but her description of the crime was so detailed and coherent, that even my best friend believed Miss X. He, and other people who heard about the crime, and knew me, probably thought, “well, there is always the first time…”

My closest friend told me: “Man, better look for money and strike a deal with Miss X, because if this matter goes to court, you are looking at a very long prison term.”

I vehemently denied committing the crime, and told him that in fact I was hundreds of kilometres away, attending an official function, when the alleged assault occurred.

He still did not believe me. He told me about the details he had heard about the alleged assault; Also, he told me that Miss X had no motive to lie.

Indeed, I also could not think of any motive Miss X could have, that would make her lie about the assault. And since the assault did not happen, then it meant that she had a serious psychological problem, that made her conjure up a fantasy and believe it to be true.

Friends I talked to about the alleged crime, all asked me, “Why you?”. And that is a question I could not answer. I did not know why Miss X chose to accuse me specifically, and not another man.

Very long story. Short of it is that eventually I was cleared of the allegations. I was saved by my solid alibi.

What I learnt from the false sexual assault allegations is that there are people who have serious mental health issues, though they act normally, and lead what appears to be normal lives.

Therefore, when a person is accused of committing sexual assault, it is important to follow the law. It is not right for the media to lynch a person just because he/she has been accused of committing sexual assault, especially when there is no forensic evidence, or witnesses to the alleged crime.

Use of social media to condemn such an accused person is very wrong. What if the people driving the social media condemnation have ulterior motives?

In Australia, certain people have been accused of committing sexual assault, in cases where there is zero forensic evidence, and no witnesses.

These cases are being tried in the media and social media.

The accused persons have claimed they are innocent.

The problem with these cases is that there is a clear political motive. It is obvious that people who are seen as stumbling blocks to the political interests of a certain politician are being smeared with rape allegations.

People are being tried in the media and social media (eg #March4Justiceau #March4Justice & other hashtags on Twitter), and found guilty, even though there is zero evidence, and no witnesses.

Is this right?

Politicisation of sexual assault cases will lead to genuine cases being swept under the carpet.

“Reverse” Sexual Assault

I was sexually assaulted at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH. I have written about it before, though I did not go to specifics. Since the assault was part of concerted harassment schemes against me, I wrote to the Australia Human Rights Commission. They refused to investigate.

I reported to the media. None showed any interest.

The most serious sexual assault – that I am describing for the first time ever – happened a few weeks after I was employed at SCGH.

A certain lady was admitted at SCGH, and was in a single room alone. As part of my job, I was supposed to go to that room at a specific time.

The “patient” told me she was not sick. Indeed she did not look sickly.

She then slid her blanket and sheet to the floor and showed me her private parts.

I have never felt so humiliated. So insulted.

The fact that the press refused to cover my story, means that, if a sexual assault is not “politically advantageous”, it is ignored by the media.

I hope political interests will no longer be the defining factor in determining what is genuine sexual assault case, and what is not genuine.

Let the law take its course without undue interference by the media and people with vested political interests.

NB: Get PDF of this article HERE.

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