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4 Dec

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In case anyone has ever installed my mobile apps/games and found them to be not as good as they expected, the reason is because I have not been able to update my games (or make any new game/app) for several years now, because of the issues discussed in my “About Me” website linked below.

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Several of my apps are no longer available on any store because, as anyone involved in app development knows, apps require regular updating, else, they may become unusable.

When I was making mobile games/apps (stopped about 5 years ago), I created two Google Play accounts (plan was for 1 to be for games, other for “serious” apps). Some games and one app are still available on Google Play store. I also have one app and two games still available at iOS App Store.

Please download one of my app/games and you might just like it! Thank you.

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ios math graph app available at apple store

The free 2D Math Graph app helps leaners study about basic graphical methods. It is suited for students beginning to study about the simple linear equation: y=mx+c.

This app is easy to use because you just need to swipe and it will give you details of the lines drawn automatically.

You want to understand the basics of the relationship between lines, gradients, y-intercept, linear equations and vectors? This app will help you do just that. Just draw a graph with your finger while this app does the rest.

No input of values is necessary. This is an automatic graph app.