Bafoo Ball

10 May

Football Basketball Game Download

Bafoo Balls combines the fun of football with the beauty of basketball to come up with a totally new mobile entertainment concept. You score by throwing ball into the net, and also by kicking any reflected balls into goals.

The game has many levels, the difficulty increasing as you move up. Depending on the situation, you will sometimes choose to throw the ball away from the basket so you can kick the resulting back ball into a goal.

How to play Bafoo unique Basketball game

In upper levels, clever movement of player left or right before kicking the ball will be crucial to avoid ball bouncing off the player’s chest.

How to play Bafoo Balls

Shoot the ball toward the basket. If you score, total balls remain the same.

If you miss basket and ball goes out of play, your total balls become one less.

If you miss basket and ball hits ring or board and is reflected back, you have chance to score a kick goal.

A kick goal gives you an added ball and extra points. Scoring kick goals takes you to the next level.

Bafoo game comes with a tutorial to help you understand how to play quickly.

Bafoo is an entertaining new android game, available for free download at google play. Enjoy a game of football and basketball combined.


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